The building that now is Pako Raw

The building that is now Pako Raw
started life as an auto spray paint shop...
For the last ten or so years the building has sat empty apart from its usage as a storage shed.

A total fit out and refurbishment has turned this old shed into the bar/restaurant now known as Pako Raw. The high roof, exposed brick,
trusses and steel work give this old girl a new, stylish and ‘raw’ industrial feel.

In keeping with the style of the building, the philosophy of Pako Raw is simple - nothing too fancy and no attempt to reinvent the wheel.
However, we will make sure that things are done well with quality products. Sexy simplicity.



Breakfast Menu


 Eggs on toast: poached, fried or scrambled (V)(GFO) $11

Toasted sourdough: house made jam $10

Eggs Benedict: English muffin, ham, poached eggs, hollandaise $16

Pancakes: ice cream, maple syrup and berries (V) $15

Egg and bacon roll: cheese, barbecue sauce (GFO) $12

French toast: lemon curd, banana, berries, maple, granola (V)(GFO) $17

Kids onesie : Toasted sourdough with one fried egg and one piece of bacon $11

Smashed avo: Toasted sourdough, smashed avocado, roasted tomato, poached egg (GFO)(V) $17

Vegan breakfast: Buckwheat and chia toast with roast tomato, mushrooms, avocado, spinach and house chutney (VN) $21

Banana & peanut butter smoothie; yoghurt, honey, ice  (V)(GF)(R) $10

PR Juice: Fresh Watermelon, mint, lemon juice, passionfruit, ice  (VN)(GF)(R) $10



Tomato chutney $2

Hash brown $3

Grilled bacon $4

Sautéed mushrooms $4

Roasted tomato $3

Spinach $4

Hollandaise sauce $3

Avocado half $5

Extra egg $4

Gluten free toast $2



GF) Gluten free, (GFO)Gluten free option, (V)Vegetarian, (VN)Vegan, (VNO)Vegan option, (R)Raw